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Amsterdam Hash

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Opening The Amsterdam Hash, right off the bat you get to see very beautiful blonde hash with a tint of green this stuff is one of the blondness hash you’ll lay your eyes on! This stuff is very beautiful army yellow while still being very soft! Once you smell this stuff you get a very strong smell of kief and pine! This hash has to be closest to smelling pure kief! Almost looks like it too. Once you break it open you really get to smell the freshness of the kief used in this batch of hash. On the inside of this hash its as beautiful as the outside but way more sticky this hash is a potent cannabis smell and it will welcome all new comers to hash, another great introductory strain for someone who wants to get into hash. You can mold this any way you need it to work and with a little bit of heat you can crumble it onto a bowl to help make it easier to tokeEffects: This hash is a very great high for being active as it lets you choose your pace, a very comfortable hybrid for people getting into hash smoking as well very fresh and beautiful for experienced hash smokers!Smell and Flavor: The smell and flavor of this is very reminiscent of pressed kief and pine from shatter, a very potent smell, followed by a very potent high!
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