Does Magic Mushroom Make Sexual Experience Better or Worse?

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If you’ve ever tried psilocybin, sometimes known as magic mushrooms, you know what a powerful experience it can be. You can certainly imagine what having sex while using shrooms might feel like if they can transform music into a cosmic-level thing.

But hold your horses’ Young man or woman, who is reading this, having sex on shrooms can also be an incredibly bad experience if you are not careful and prepared. The greatest ways to enjoy most psychoactive drugs are in the correct environment and having sex while shrooming is no exception.

Now, this article is generated, developed, and written from the experiences of male perspective, ladies if you are reading this do pass this article to your man because I am going to make them work hard and make you fall in love with him once again!

The Subtle art of controlling all the positive energy

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Both positive and bad outcomes are necessary for learning and growth. Psychedelic excursions and sexual activity are undoubtedly included in this. We may convert them into fruitful exchanges of discovery when we master the delicate skills of surrender and communication. That being said, the first rule of sex on magic mushrooms is focusing your energy, being in between the consciousness-expanding universe.

When one decides to embark on a magic mushroom excursion, intimacy and sensuality take on a completely new meaning. Simply said, things may become strange, weird, wonderful, amazing and all at once. But first, you need to maneuver your physical self, not get lost within the cosmic energy. This takes practice, if you are trying psilocybin mushroom for the first time I would recommend getting lost in the universe, you might not perform well as you are still unknown to the experience, journey, the emotions that are unknown to you.

Cosmic sexuality 

People may connect with and rediscover their sexuality, which is our universal life energy and the “thing” that binds us all. This is made possible by magic mushrooms. The mushrooms can, in fact, heighten your perception of this life energy and leave you dripping with cosmic passion. Most people who trip have a sense of oneness with the universe as a consequence of their awakening to the universal sexual life energy inside them. It is also true, you can easily get lost between so heighten senses and reach a whole world were concentrating on one human being seem impossible to you. But once you learn to accept all these emotions and get a little experience with it that is when you will truly be able to maneuver the journey.

Sex is more than just building to a climax! Sex is a path toward pleasure, happiness, liberation, surrender, and oneness. Once this gets deeply rooted to your mind you have a very pleasant experience with your companion. Experts tell beginners that the finest time to try it is during the trip’s comedown or immediately following the peak. You’ll get to encounter a raw, wild, and beautiful terrain once you and your partner are more experienced and desire to delve into sex while peaking.

The set and setting (Sex on the magic mushroom)

Even the most routine chore may be transformed into a sublime experience by a mushroom trip. The most amazing physical experience on earth, how does it feel like in the altered state of mind. Even while this experience has the potential to be wonderful, there are many things to take into account before committing to this degree of closeness, when you are in mushroom.

just like a bad trip anywhere else, you can have the same bad experience in the bedroom, and even worse, you may have a great experience and find out the next day, it was completely a different person. so, it is very important to have a set and setting so that you have a control over few things.

1. Be with someone you love, and trust, with someone you have already been physical with

On paper, it can seem like fun to trip and play about with a one-night stand, but if you’re not with someone you already know and feel comfortable with, this could rapidly turn into a very unpleasant experience.

When you have the full consent of each other, and be in a mutual place, this could turn into something magical. You can be in your bedroom or maybe book a hotel room, set a sexy environment(candles and flowers, not handcuffs), and then get lost in a cosmic world.

2. Craft a perfect environment for your partner

Have we yet touched on the significance of set and setting? These are essential factors to take into account with any psychoactive experience, but they are particularly crucial when discussing sex while using mushrooms. It’s preferable to have sex while using mushrooms with someone you feel at ease with, and it’s even better if you’re in a setting where you feel secure.

Fresh linens, warm mood lighting, and perhaps even a few candles. Filled the room with a nice aroma, play soft music with a low volume maybe, and keep a less bright room.

3. Understand your tolerance level

Every person is affected by magic mushrooms in a different way, depending on how much they consume, their body size, how much they ate that day, their tolerance level, and other factors. It’s important to know how intense of a trip you want before you have sex. If it’s your first time with shrooms, you might want to start with a lower dose, or “microdose.” This can help you feel more comfortable.

Just remember one thing, and that is something I tell to a lot of my readers. if you have consumed a lot of shrooms (high-dose) there is no-turning-back.

4. The right timing of the trip for intimacy

The timing of everything must be taken into account as well. The majority of people who routinely use mushrooms for sex say that the greatest times to utilize them are right after the trip’s peak.

Peak sex can be far too powerful, especially if the effects of the mushrooms have you mute or utterly drained. and as the guy your performance might be disappointing and we don’t want that. Instead, the comedown can be the ideal moment to get close because your senses are mellowed and you’re probably still feeling the effects of your spiritual awakening.

5. Prepare yourself for cosmic passion and a genuine connection.

When you have sex while on shrooms, the experience can be unpredictable in terms of intensity. Even just doing simple activities like tripping with a friend and watching a movie together can create strong bonds, so sex on shrooms could be an even more intense bonding experience.

Shrooms are often associated with feelings of connection and unity with the world, and these feelings can be especially strong during sexual experiences. The sense of oneness and connectedness that shrooms can bring can enhance intimacy and deepen the emotional connection between partners during sex.

It’s important to have sex with someone you feel comfortable with when using shrooms, as the combination of the drug and the activity can create intense feelings of love and vulnerability. For this reason, it’s crucial to be mindful of your surroundings and the person you’re with when engaging in sexual activity while on shrooms.

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