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How you can have a great and safe Magic Mushroom trip

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For thousands of years, people have taken drugs with the ability to change consciousness. Among other things, traditional communities employed them in initiation rites, healing rituals, and communication with the afterlife. The naturally occurring substances psilocybin (found in “magic mushrooms”), DMT, and mescaline, the hallucinogenic beverage ayahuasca, used by indigenous peoples in the Amazon basin, and the hallucinogenic plant iboga, found in West Africa, are now referred to as psychedelics. However, among all of these mind-altering drugs, a magic mushroom is much more easily accessible and that is why in today’s blog we will discuss how you can have a safe and particularly more enjoyable journey with shrooms.

What you need to know about magic mushrooms and psychedelics

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We are currently experiencing what has been dubbed a “psychedelic resurgence,” which started in the 1990s. Research teams from all over the world, publishing studies that explore the apparent therapeutic benefits of the drug and their neural underpinnings, particularly when used as a supplement to psychotherapy. But the term they have introduced for using mushroom is Macrodose. By taking macrodose, mushrooms can be beneficial for psychotherapy.

According to research trials, the advantages of psychedelics when used in psychotherapy include, but are not limited to, reducing anxiety and depression (including for those who have not found relief from other types of therapy or drug treatment), addressing persistent symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, treating addiction, and reducing existential distress in patients with terminal illnesses.

Participants’ claims of experiencing a spiritual or transcendent experience during their psychedelic session are correlated with better trial outcomes. In fact, a lot of users of psychedelic drugs say the experience was one of the most profoundly personal of their life. Many people are changed by their travel, exhibiting more humility, openness, and a sense of connection to other people and the larger world.

Globally, psychedelic drugs (including magic mushroom) have in common that they trigger the release of entropy in the brain by allowing communication between neural regions that don’t typically interact and decreasing activity of a group of neural areas collectively known as the “default mode network,” which is involved in self-conscious thought. These neural alterations are thought to cause “ego dissolution” and facilitate the mystical experiences of oneness and transcendence that are common to many journeys.

As curiosity about these drugs and their beneficial effects continues to grow, lot of people try to make the best use of their mushroom trip. You can have alcohol, a joint for your regular dopamine relase but Psychedelic mushroom is in a different level, it can be a meaningful journey and change your life for good but it can also give you a very bad experience if you are not prepared for the journey.

Safety and legal issues with mushroom

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With mental health issues, it is better not to experiment with mushrooms. Heart problems, psychosis, and bipolar disorder patient should avoid mushrooms or highly consult their doctor before trying the drug. The related medications to these diseases can mess with the effect of mushrooms.

Before ingesting mushrooms, see a therapist or physician who is experienced with psychedelics if you have underlying mental health difficulties, are going through depression, anxiety, or any other physical problems.

Experts agree that it’s not a good idea to take a psychedelic substance alone, especially if it’s your first time, even if you are physically strong and healthy. Because no one is there to control your emotions or your behavior, there are more danger factors when you’re on your own, he claims. More seriously, you can become disoriented and attempt to get in your car and go. Nobody who is not high can control your behavior and ensure everything is acceptable, even if it involves the most innocent behavior (such as buying 100 kg of apples online).

Because of the strong impact that psychedelics have on cognition, perception, and coordination, you should be careful to use them in a physically secure setting. You shouldn’t schedule any activities that need you to be aware and coordinated, such as driving, walking in traffic, being in high areas, or being in other risky settings.

So, Healing Empire suggests you do either of the two things. Have a macro dose, of 3 to 5 grams on your first try and see how things go. Or if you are taking more than that (Which I suggest don’t with the first time) ask one of your closest friends to stay close to you for at least the first few hours of the journey.

Another obvious practical problem is that most countries throughout the world consider psychedelic substances to be illegal, and anyone found in possession of them will be charged. Obviously, the magic mushroom is one of them however people are trying to decriminalize it and you can easily find mushrooms online, for instance, healing empire

The best strategy to reduce the possibility of a disastrous vacation is to plan beforehand. Therapists talk about the wide spectrum of psychological effects that can be felt when using psychedelics, including out-of-body experiences, the recall of poignant memories, time and space distortions, and feelings of oneness with the universe, to mention a few. Additionally, it’s critical to pay close attention to the “set and setting,” as Leary put it. Set refers to the thought and intention you bring to the psychedelic adventure, and an expert guide will work on this with you. This is most pertinent during the preparation stage. The physical, social, and cultural surroundings in which a psychedelic drug user consumes the substance are referred to as the user’s “setting.”

The preparation of the magic mushroom journey

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  • Keep in mind that most states in Canada consider psychedelic mushrooms to be illegal. Instead of buying it from a dispensary or store, it is better to order online for safety purposes.
  • Before using psychedelics, talk to a supportive doctor if you have any medical or mental health difficulties. Psychedelic research studies often do not accept participants with a history of psychosis or bipolar illness because of the increased hazards involved.
  • Make sure you are in a controlled, safe setting. Always begin with a little dosage.
  • Don’t use psychedelic substances alone. Find a trusted advisor or therapist with expertise. Or a friend who will stay sober the whole time

some trees disintegrate. Some soups taste fantastic with them. And some—edible, if not the most delicious—turn reality on its head, exposing us to unknown and wild worlds of sensation. Magic mushrooms, sometimes known as “shrooms,” which are commonly recognized to contain the hallucinogen psilocybin, are among the finest resources available to humans for altering how we see the external environment. And if you wish to make the best use of it, have a life-changing experience, educate yourself a little and be a little cautious about it.

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