Origin of Magic Mushroom

Aztec rituals and mushroom, Magic mushroom origin, rituals and mushroom, psychedelic drug origin

If you haven’t tried magic mushroom, you must have seen in the movies, what crazy things it does to the head. And trust me when I tell you this, it is not exaggerated. They are naturally occurring fungus known as psilocybin mushrooms, which create hallucinations when consumed. People have been consuming them for recreational purposes for millennia, and some have lately suggested that they should be authorized for their therapeutic effects. That’s a long shot, so you may as well learn about magic mushrooms because you may need them in the future. YES, FOR THE MEDICAL PURPOSE

Aztec Rituals and Magic Mushroom Mushrooms

Aztec rituals and mushroom, Magic mushroom origin, rituals and mushroom, psychedelic drug origin

Some scholars believe that cave paintings from North Africa and Europe dating back to 9,000 BC may have referred to magic mushrooms. It’s also known that Aztec rites included a psychedelic drug known as “flesh of the gods,” which might have been’shrooms. We can presume that ancient tribes used magic mushrooms for rituals, also might be for medical purpose but we cannot be certain. The Mazatecs are well-known for their ritual and medicinal usage of psilocybin mushrooms. These rites are commonly referred to as veladas. Mazatec shamans’ wisdom is not unique nor novel. Its origins may be traced back to the ancient Mesoamerican heritage. For example, divination using maize kernels is documented in 16th-century codices and is still used in various Indigenous customs today.

In Mesoamerica, the deities picked shamans through dreams, initiation ceremonies, or an inexplicable and prolonged sickness. The power to heal and converse with divine beings is seen as a given gift, implying a lifelong dedication to the community and the divinities. These knowledgeable individuals are known as chjota chijne among the Mazatecs.

“There are three routes to acquire knowledge and become a chjota chijne: being born with the gift, self-interest, and interest of a third party; in the latter scenario, the individual can be selected by a chjota chijne, a major entity, or the sacred mushrooms, popularly known as “holy children.”

Mushroom is considered a separate entity not just a drug or consumable substance. In in shaman culture it is very much respected becasue to be a wise man or what they called chjota chijne first mushroom has to accept you to be in that realm.

Timothy Leary and Magic Mushroom

timothy leary and magic mushroom

Scientists start examining ‘shrooms. They solicit the assistance of Swiss scientist Albert Hoffman, recognized as the “father” of LSD. He’s undoubtedly a fascinating individual. He was also the first to extract psilocybin from mushrooms.

Timothy Leary, a counterculture and psychedelic icon, reads a Life story on magic mushrooms in 1960. He chooses to travel to Mexico and experience it for himself. He does, and he claims to have been permanently altered. Timothy claims that his mushroom trips taught him more about his brain and himself than 15 years of education. He returns to Harvard University and establishes the Harvard Psilocybin Project to perform psychedelic drug trials. It’s all part of his attempt to show his idea that drugs may cause a higher level of awareness.

Helath Canada, Magic mushroom, Magic Mushroom decriminalizing

Let’s come to Canada, and see what is heppening in our beloved land. Activities involving magic mushrooms, psilocybin, and psilocin, such as sale, possession, and manufacturing, are prohibited under the CDSA unless allowed by Health Canada. However, It is pretty much available online and people are buying it not regularly but atleast to try once and actually whats the fuss about. If you plan to try it, I would suggest it alteast start with microdose, and this is a experienced person saying.

There is a term called ‘Ego Death’. this is a state very much fantasize by the psychedelic world, where you reach a whole new level and experience a perception altering world. It might sounds awesome but some has described it ‘Extreme’. Lot of people are sharing their experiences of magic mushroom on internet, but it might sounds dramatic at times but there are quite similarities in the experiences. My personal experience was not bad but I won’t try it regularly and even I have to it definitely will be micro dose. High dose, takes you to different realities and develop lot of perception which might not be right for you specially if you are new to this, lot of things depends on having a good shroom trip, one being dose and other being your times of use.

Magic Mushroom Microdose

Microdose of mushroom is good for depression and anxiety. Many individuals believe that using psychedelics in small doses improves one’s mood, creativity, attention, productivity, and capacity to empathize with others. So, micro dosing is like taking a subscribed medicine, even better because it won’t be necessary to take it regularly. Once or twice a week is perfectly enough to have a chill time.

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