So High Premium Distillate – Blood Orange (Indica) (1g)


Blood Orange is a delectable variant of the iconic Tangie strain, a cross of Cali Orange X Appalachia. This delectable bud takes the zesty sweet flavor of citrus from its Tangie ancestry and combines it with a strong punch of spices for a genuinely exquisite flavor that will leave you wanting more. The scent of Blood Orange is equally as rich, if not more intense, with overtones of fiery sour citrus and zesty tart earth. The eye-opening acidic citrus tang of Blood Orange complements the elevating cerebral benefits that follow. The Blood Orange high gives you a full-body buzzing sensation that leaves you feeling euphoric but also tranquil and relaxed. You’ll feel a modest surge of energy, followed by a strong pang of hunger that leads to a voracious attack of the munchies. Blood Orange is ideal for treating diseases such as appetite loss, chronic tiredness, pain, and depression because to its high average THC content. Grape-shaped brilliant green nugs with dark orange hairs and a frosty sprinkling of delicate milky white trichomes characterize this bud.

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