Twisted Tips Terpene Infused Filters – Island Hopper


Dreaming of sitting on the beach with a drink in hand? Twisted Tips Island Hopper features a tropical mango and pineapple flavour.

Twisted Tips are infused with terpenes and will enhance your smoke with a delicate touch of flavour.

Terpenes are compounds released by various plant species that give the plant its distinct smells. By using terpenes instead of flavor additives, the smells and taste of Twisted Tips flavored filters will remind you of the real thing.

Each tip contains 2 flavour beads: 1 mango bead and 1 pineapple bead. Pop them both at the same time, or separately for a unique smoking experience.

These filter tips are great for practically any joint or hemp wrap. At 7mm, these joint filters are small but mighty. Add them to the tip of your favorite rolling papers or put it in your hemp wrap–no matter what you choose, Twisted Tips mango and pineapple flavoured tips will enhance any smoke.

Tips and Tricks: One end of the tip has a paper “S” filter, the other end is cellulose. Make sure the paper end of the tip is on the inside of your joint for optimal flavour. The cellulose end of the tip should be the part that meets your lips.

2 filters per pack

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