11 things to do after having magic mushroom

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For thousands of years, people have taken drugs with the ability to change consciousness. Among other things, traditional communities employed them in initiation rites, healing rituals, and communication with the afterlife. The naturally occurring substances psilocybin (found in “magic mushrooms”), DMT, and mescaline, the hallucinogenic beverage ayahuasca, used by indigenous peoples in the Amazon basin, and the hallucinogenic plant iboga, found in West Africa, are now referred to as psychedelics. However, among all of these mind-altering drugs, a magic mushroom is much more easily accessible and has quite a lot of magic to it (Sounds cheesy?). But it does have some amazing mind-altering effects and gets you more connected to nature. In today’s blog, we will discuss the things you can do after taking having magic mushrooms.

some trees disintegrate. Some soups taste fantastic with them. And some—edible, if not the most delicious—turn reality on its head, exposing us to unknown and wild worlds of sensation. Magic mushrooms, sometimes known as “shrooms,” which are commonly recognized to contain the hallucinogen psilocybin, are among the finest resources available to humans for altering how we see the external environment. And if you wish to make the best use of it, have a life-changing experience, educate yourself a little and be a little cautious about it.

1. Lie down on a field. Get connected with Earth

mushroom effect, magic mushroom, psychedelic drug

When shrooming, it’s best to be somewhere in nature; if you start indoors, you can find yourself slowly attracted outside. You may go on a trek or explore the complex environment in your backyard. But when you stop traveling and give in to gravity, shrooms—which may occasionally have a weighty, contemplative quality—work a peculiar enchantment. When you’re lying on mushrooms and gazing up at a forest canopy or the stars in the night sky, it’s very enjoyable.

2. Listen to Psychedelic Music

Psychedelic Mushroom, Psychedelic Music, Magic mushroom, magic mushroom canada

For many decades, mushrooms have influenced artists and music fans. You could connect with psychedelic classics like The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” or “White Rabbit” by the Jefferson Airplane. Classic rock is not the only psychedelic music genre, though; everything from R&B to electronica reveals its depths when viewed through the prismatic lens of mushrooms.

top 20 songs you can listen while shrooming

1. Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles
2. The American Metaphysical Circus – The United States of America
3. Grace – Country Joe & The Fish
4. Interstellar Overdrive – Pink Floyd
5. Are You Experienced – Jimi Hendrix Experience
6. At The Mountains of Madness – H.P. Lovecraft
7. Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles
8. Dark Star – Grateful Dead
9. Bass Strings – Country Joe & The Fish
10. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds – The Beatles
11. Spare Change – Jefferson Airplane
12. Strange Days – The Doors
13. Other Side of The Sky – Gong
14. My White Bicycle – Tomorrow
15. Translucent Carriages – Pearls Before Swine
16. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
17. Beacon From Mars – Kaleidoscope
18. Season of The Witch – Donovan
19. Venus In Furs – The Velvet Underground
20. Magoo – Country Joe & The Fish

3. Painting or write the script you’ve been planning to

magic mushroom painting, psychedelic painting, art, magic mushroom Canada

Similar to other psychedelics, mushrooms have been shown to increase creativity. You look at patterns you had never seen before and you see forms you had never imagined. It’s a good idea to keep pencil and paper on hand, but watercolors with their languid, dreamy ease seem to best capture the vitality of mushrooms. The slow drawl of a watercolor brush could be the greatest method to convey your feeling as clouds float over the sky and ideas float in and out of your brain. The best part is that you can’t go wrong. It is impressionism.

The same goes for writing. One thing is for sure your imagination will have no bounds, you might make a household drama into a psychological thriller or bring out a dark comedy. No matter what happens to the story you’ll have a blast doing it.

4. Tea is a very good drink you can try while shrooming

magic mushroom canada, Psychedelic mushroom, mushroom tea

It’s recommended to have a substantial meal in the hours before a trip because eating when intoxicated may be famously challenging. Water is still necessary, and leaf-infused water, sometimes known as “tea,” may be exquisite. Your senses experience subtle notes and aromas like a symphony when using mushrooms. While green tea could make you feel more focused and alert, ginger tea might aid with nausea and stomach that come with mushroom consumption. When it’s time to finally wind down for bed, chamomile is excellent, as is a soothing cup of lavender tea.

5. Diving deep into thoughts

Magic mushroom canada, thinking after magic mushroom, psychedelic thoughts

If you don’t intend to, you could end yourself doing this one. On mushrooms, many individuals claim to have mystical experiences ranging from talking to God to seeing a loved one who has departed. Even though the majority of shroom excursions don’t entail intense “hallucinations,” they frequently bring up unexplainable emotions and insights that alter how one sees the world. This could occur in your head or during a conversation with someone nearby. Keep a journal with you, or simply allow the insights to come and digest them later.

6. Be in love with nature

magic mushroom canada, in love with nature, spending time in nature, green grass

If you are in the company of an arboreal entity, you will likely appreciate it, wish to touch it, and maybe even wrap your arms around it. In that case, you will know why those hippies were so into hugging trees. Everything feels more alive when there are mushrooms around, especially plants, which frequently appear to be “breathing” as they move in the breeze (and they are taking air in and out). You can suddenly feel as though the tree outside your window is an old friend deserving of some love.

7. Meditation can be a good activity when you’re on a magic mushroom

meditation, meditation canada, magic mush canada

The majority of the aforementioned activities can theoretically be done while performing this one. If meditation is the act of becoming present, which is typically accomplished by remaining still and paying attention to your breathing, you may do that while creating art, taking in music, or even dancing; in many ways, mushrooms facilitate this process. Shrooms assist you in coming into your body in the present moment by focusing your attention on your immediate surroundings and enhancing sense sensations. It’s an excellent exercise: Many early psychonauts used meditation as a way to access parts of the joy and pleasure they had initially felt while using LSD and mushrooms.

8. Take a shower in your bathtub 

shower after mushroom, Magic mushroom canada, psychedelic mushroom

On mushrooms, you can do a lot of things, but sometimes it might be overwhelming. The colors are vibrant, everything is spinning, and perhaps your muscles are starting to hurt. If you can fill a warm tub in your bathroom, you can find a simple solution and escape from it all. On mushrooms, floating in a bathtub is like going back to the womb and all the comfort and support we had before having to sustain ourselves on our own. Pro-tip: Add Epsom salts, candles, and uplifting essential oils like tangerine and lavender to your bath to make it more exciting.

9. Take a walk barefoot

mushroom and nature, magic mushroom canada, psychedelic drug

That’s correct, remove your sandals and your boots! Nothing feels closer to the ground than touching it with your own two feet, which is why mushrooms frequently help us unite with it. By relieving the tension of constricting footwear and triggering stabilizing muscles, walking barefoot offers several physiological advantages. Even simply dipping your toes into the sand, mud, or grass will bring back feelings that you weren’t aware you were missing if you’re not used to hiking barefoot. Some contend that walking barefoot provides a “grounding” impact with several potential advantages; preliminary research points to advantages for mood, energy, and discomfort.

10. Go to a club, only if you are an experienced shroomer

mushroom clubbing, psychedelic trip, magic mushroom Canada

This one might not be for novices or larger doses, but more and more people are discovering low-dose mushrooms to work well for creating enchantment and meaning on the dance floor, especially after the end of quarantine. When the sounds slamming from the speakers are luscious, mushrooms may make dancing seem primal and embodied; the rave or club transforms into a tiny piece of heaven. Shrooms might make it difficult for some individuals to enjoy a busy social setting, while for others, they are the key to the evening.

11. appreciate the life you have been given

appreciate life, ego death, mushroom thoughts, magic mushroom canada

Whether they are “magic” or not, all mushrooms disintegrate. They take in once-alive stuff and disassemble it to renew it into something new. Since they are frequently connected with death, trips using mushrooms have the potential to cause “ego death,” which can be horrifying, sublime, or both. Even if you don’t go that far, a good mushroom trip appears to frequently include moments and ideas that remind you that your wonderful existence will eventually come to an end—and that it’s okay. One of several psychedelics that have been proposed and tried as methods to assist us to confront our fear of death is mushrooms.


Mushroom is one of the best Psychedelic drug out there. Lot of studies has been going on the positive effect of mushroom on depression and anxiety. Yet, we don’t have any result but people are saying macro dose of mushroom helps you to reduce anxiety. So, This is what healing empire has to say, Nature loves us and we love nature but whenever you are getting your body used to a new environment it is better to take a step at a time and same goes with mushroom, if you want to have a good experience with it start slow, a minimal dose with close someone watching your back.

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